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Fill Up the Tank and Go See ‘Last Gas’

Posted on 10/05/2016 1:52am by Jennifer Madigan

The Public Theatre’s season officially begins October 14-23 with Maine playwright John Cariani’s most recent play, LAST GAS. Filled with humor, warmth and a love of the Red Sox, love is lost and found in Northern Maine, in this funny, touching and thoughtful comedy, by the author of Almost, Maine.

Set in Aroostook County, LAST GAS is the land of last chances – the last gas, last food and last phone for 41 miles before crossing over the border into Canada. It's a little, family run convenience store, although there’s nothing conventional about this family.

Featuring a cast of unusual, but authentic Maine characters, LAST GAS reminds us that big things in addition to moose that can sometimes wander into our paths and change our lives.  On the eve of his 41st birthday, Nat Paradis’ old high school flame returns for her mother's burial (she died months before, but the ground was too frozen to bury her!) on the same day that Nat's best friend shows up with the birthday gift of a lifetime - tickets to Red Sox vs. Yankees. Add in Nat's father Dwight, who likes his girls young and Canadian, Nat’s son Troy, and the local forest ranger, Cherry-Tracy, and you've got a cast of delightful characters putting their noses into Nat's business.

LAST GAS is a new comedy that theatres around the country are already fighting over to produce, and The Public Theatre is proud to be the first production of the recently published script. Author John Cariani attended the first read-thru and early days of rehearsal, and will be back to see the show and participate in the free post-show discussion with the audience on Sunday, Oct 16th.

Cariani, a native of Presque Isle, is best known as the writer of Almost, Maine.  Cariani is also a Tony-nominated actor for his role in the 2004 Broadway revival of Fiddler on the Roof, as well as a lead in the recent Broadway hit Something Rotten and a former cast member of NBC’s Law and Order. He has a great deal of love, empathy and respect for the people of his home state, which is reflected in his writing - which is simultaneously honest, sweet and leveled with a good amount of easygoing Maine humor.

The fully professional cast features Augustus Kelley as Nat, Kurt Zischke as Dwight, Brandon Tyler Harris as Troy, Mary Mossberg as Lurene, Ben Loving as Guy and Katharine McLeod as Cherry-Tracy

Once again The Public Theatre will continue its free pre-show wine-tasting in the lobby provided by Rails Restaurant before the Thursday, Oct 20th performance.

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