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The Public Theatre’s Professional Theatre Training Program for Teens Performs July 24th.

Posted on 07/13/2015 12:00pm by Jennifer Madigan

The Public Theatre’sProfessional Theatre Training Program for Teens will perform How to Act Like a Child, an assortment of hip and entertaining stories with added songs on Friday, July 24th at 6pm.  Featuring an auditioned and hand-picked group of thirteen students ranging from ages 10 to 16, these young thespians have been hard at work taking daily classes in stage combat, voice and speech, singing and the fundamentals of acting. The Public Theatre’s summer intensive program is a unique alternative to other “drama camps”, as it is taught exclusively by theatre professionals, offering professional insights and standards.

Public Theatre Co-Artistic Director Janet Mitchko says, “Instead of reinforcing old habits by having the single focus be the putting on of a play, we put our focus on the process of acting and developing the skills needed to begin to create truthful life on stage. Our goal is to build each student's skills in concentration and talking and listening, and to teach them to think about themselves and acting in a new way. Although we do finish the session with a short performance piece, the goal of the piece is to showcase the skills they are learning, and reinforce a new way to think about performing.”

The student’s final performance is a compilation of various Shel Silverstein stories and the entertaining book, How to Eat like a Child.  Also included will be several songs to show off the vocal skills the students are learning as well as some fun stage combat moves. The presentation, which is free of charge and open to the public, will take place on Friday July 24th, at 6pm at The Public Theatre. For more information call 782-3200.  The Public Theatre is located at 31 Maple Street, in downtown Lewiston.