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UNDER THE SKIN - a funny, powerful and provocative new play

Posted on 01/17/2017 2:42am by Jennifer Madigan

The Public Theatre, Lewiston/Auburn’s Professional Theatre, presents the New England premiere of UNDER THE SKIN, a funny, powerful and provocative new play that explores the complicated connection between parents and children, playing Jan 27 – Feb 5.  

Raina’s ailing father needs her kidney. But he’s been a lousy dad, so she’s not too convinced he’s “kidney worthy”. How can we get to a place of generosity with the people who have let us down? What IS our responsibility to our parents and theirs to us? Why is it so hard to act like an adult when our parents are in the room? The road to understanding is paved with surprises, as this insightful new play asks, “What does it really mean to be connected to someone else?”

This wonderful script by Michael Hollinger, whose play RED HERRING was a huge hit several seasons ago for TPT, has it all; humor, big surprises, and a great deal of heart and wisdom. Director Janet Mitchko says, “This play will hit home with just about every living, breathing, human being who has ever been or had a parent.  This play is not about a kidney. It's about another organ - the human heart". 

The fully professional cast features New York actors Doug Rees as the kidney-needing father Lou, Annie Grier as his daughter Raina, and Melissa Maxwell, who performs three roles as a loving mother named Marlene, a transplant physician and the world’s most passive-aggressive coffee barista. Washington, D.C. based actor Jon Hudson Odom plays both Jarrell, Marlene’s son, and Lou’s nurse, Hector. The set is by Kit Mayer, lighting design by Bart Garvey and costume design by Jonna Klaiber.

Once again The Public Theatre will continue its free pre-show wine-tasting starting at 6:30pm in the lobby, provided by Rails Restaurant, before the Thursday, February 2nd performance.

Get your tickets to Under the Skin online, or by calling 207-782-3200