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Wait Until Dark. The thrills begin when the lights go out

Posted on 10/01/2015 9:40pm by Jennifer Madigan

What really scares you? Ghosts? Goblins? Or is it that split second when you turn out the light and hear a creak on the stairs?  Just in time for Halloween, The Public Theatre presents a heart-pounding new adaptation of the classic thriller Wait Until Dark, Oct 16-25.

Imagine the suspense of Hitchcock and the fun of an amusement park ride, when a blind woman unexpectedly finds herself alone in her apartment with a sinister group of con-men. Can she outmaneuver her tormentors by turning her disability to her advantage? This masterfully constructed thriller takes audiences from one moment of suspense to another, towards an electrifying, breath-stopping finale.  Public Theatre policy requires you to pay for your entire seat, even though you’ll only be using the edge.

The original play by Frederick Knott inspired the 1967 Hollywood film of the same name. Both the film and the Broadway production garnered multiple Tony, Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations for many of the actors involved – including the film’s star, Audrey Hepburn. The film also ranked tenth on Bravo’s “100 Scariest Movie Moments.” This new adaptation by Jeffrey Hatcher sets the story back in time to the film noir era of 1944, and delivers a few new surprises to fans of the movie as well as the original version.

“Aside from the sheer fun of suspense that the play creates”, says Director Janet Mitchko, “it is also a wonderful statement about finding the strength inside yourself to overcome insurmountable obstacles, refusing to be a victim, and fighting the monsters that scare you.”

The role of Susy, the blind protagonist, will be played by actress Amy Hutchins. The famous villain Roat will be played by Jon Krupp. Carlino will be played by Michael Serratore and Mike by Jason Cadieux. These New York based actors have appeared in lead roles at multiple professional theatres across the country, as well as in film and on television, aptly including an appearance on The Soprano’s. The role of Sam, Susan’s husband will be played by Jon Peacock.  LocalYarmouthHigh School Junior, Ella Warner will perform the role of the young upstairs neighbor Gloria.

The Public Theatre launches its 25th season with the introduction of a new WINE-DOWN Thursday performance featuring a free-Wine-tasting beginning at 6:30pm in the lobby compliments of Marche Kitchen and Wine Bar and Baxter Brewing. The Public Theatre PLAY PAL will also continue its second season for people who love going to the theatre but can’t always find someone to go with. It will connect solo theatre-goers with other solo theatre-lovers when they attend the 3pm Saturday matinee performance.   PLAY PALS will be seated together and identified to each other making it easy to make a new friend at The Public Theatre.  They are also given a coupon for a free concession item, encouraging them to meet and mingle with other theatre-lovers during intermission. Membership in The Public Theatre’s PLAY PAL program is free with the only requirement being that you are a solo-theatre-goer. Members can choose to see one play or every play in the season and the shows you attend are up to you.  Who knows, you might find a new friend sitting in the seat right next to you.