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Doubt<br /><span class="subtitle">, a parable</span>

Jan 25 - Feb 3, 2008

by by John Patrick Shanley

Winner of 24 major awards including the 2005 Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize, don't miss the Maine debut of one of the most praised American plays of the last 50 years! A gripping story of suspicion as well as a compelling parable for our current "courtroom culture", Doubt, a parable revolves around an accusation of sexual misconduct in a Catholic school in 1964. When a stern nun's suspicions are weighed against the word of a well-liked priest, how does one determine the truth? "I have not the slightest proof of anything, but I have my certainty," states Sister Aloysius. A compelling parable for our times on the dangers of accusation, "spin", and "moral certainty", there's a good reason this play is called "the richest and most talked about piece of theatre in years."

"I wanted to write a play embracing doubt - about the merit of doubt as opposed to certainty. Such a project runs counter to the human 'attraction to absolutes'. People want to get everything all settled. But if you want to understand anything about the human experience, it's not about 'the verdict'. How the two adversaries handle their clash is the important thing." - Playwright, John Patrick Shanley

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