Professional Theatre For Maine


Mar 7 - 16, 2008

by by Lisa Kron

Poor Lisa. All she wants to do is put on a nice, orderly little play about her family, growing up, and how she got cured of her allergies. But her mother - who's watching the play in a housedress from her on-stage living room - keeps interrupting, offering snacks to the audience, and telling her own version of Lisa's carefully constructed story. A play for anyone who's ever had a mother, Well is a hilarious, touching, and utterly original comedy about mothers and daughters, the mind-body-health connection, and the "stories" we create to make sense of our lives. Goofy enough to make your sides ache, and intelligent enough to rearrange your understanding of the world, don’t miss this inspirational comedy named one of the top ten recent plays on Broadway. Caution: bringing your mother onstage with you, may alter the outcome of the play!

This event has ended