Professional Theatre For Maine

Secrets of a Soccer Mom

Oct 24 - Nov 9, 2008

by by Kathleen Clark

Added “mommy matinee” performance, Tues Oct 28th at 10:30am – all seats $15. Drop the kids, see the show (90 minutes), treat yourself to lunch, and be home in time to pick them up!

Are you an overwhelmed, multi-tasking parent? Take the soccer mom test. Do you think you’re too busy to see this play? Is a trip to the bathroom your best hope for “quality alone time”? Do you envy Dora the Explorer’s travel opportunities? Experience the humorous and uplifting journey of three multi-tasking moms who recapture their spirit, humor and passion when they leave their traditional roles on the sideline and play in the annual “mother vs. son” soccer game against their 8 year old boys – and try to win the game!. No matter what activity you’ve ever chauffeured your child to, this rejuvenating and sympathetic comedy addresses the question, “How in the world did I wind up here?” Don’t miss The New England premiere of this recent Off-Broadway hit.

This event has ended