Professional Theatre For Maine

Humble Boy

Mar 18 - 27, 2011

"If I had been Marie Curie, I would have used my bunsen burner to make crème brulee... - Humble Boy

Winner of the London Critics’ Circle Award for Best New Play! Imagine if you combined the intelligence of Tom Stoppard with the humor and pathos of Alan Ayckbourn and added a pinch of Hamlet. This funny, touching and intelligent comedy is a bittersweet reminder that there is nothing funnier and more engaging than the human family. Following the sudden death of his bee-keeping father, a brilliant and bumbling astrophysicist returns home to discover his father’s beloved beehive mysteriously empty and his mother more concerned with her nose job than her husband’s death. Encompassing everything from bees to black holes with a little Hamlet thrown in, make a bee-line to see what critics call, “one of the most poignant and satisfying comedies in recent years.”

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