Professional Theatre For Maine


Oct 15 - 24, 2010

by by Kenny Finkle

A HIP AND HILARIOUS COMEDY FOR PET LOVERS! If your pet was unhappy, would you go into therapy with them to save the relationship? Samantha is a pampered house cat madly in love with her doting owner until the day an alley cat rocks her world with tales of the great outdoors (“Have you ever seen a beach? It’s like a giant litter box.”) Torn between the security of home and a desire to explore her wild side, Samantha makes friends with a therapist, and hilariously works through her “relationship issues” with her owner. An entertaining allegory for life in any long-term love relationship, don’t miss this purr-fectly delightful Off-Broadway comedy guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, and hug your pet.

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