Professional Theatre For Maine

The Moose In Me, The Moose In You

Nov 4 - 13, 2011

MOVE OVAH OPRAH! Maine’s funniest woman Susan Poulin returns to The Public Theatre as Ida Le Clair in her latest show, The Moose in Me, The Moose in You, playing Nov 4-13. In this delightful new show, Ida has found her “inner moose” and become a Certified Maine Life Guide. After years of “Running with the Moose”, she’s picked up a few pointers and is eager to share the wisdom of their ways. Taking her inspiration from Maine’s four-legged friend, Ida covers topics from A to Zumba, and offers helpful hints to live a happier life. Don’t miss this entertaining and uplifting motivational moose-terpiece guaranteed to make you smile.

This event has ended