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A Brief History of The Ritz Theatre

This is the original text written by Lisa Giguere in 1993

History of the Ritz - Long 2012

This is an edited version of the Brief History, with updates through 2012

History of The Ritz merged

This is the two documents merged to preserve content from the original and the new additions in one document. DRAFT VERSION

Links to external sources:

The Ritz Theatre - Transforming a Space - Photo Album on Facebook/ThePublicTheatre

January 30, 1940 Edition of Lewiston Evening Journal - Opening of The Ritz Theatre

Specs about Ritz Movie Theater - - note that this refers to the building's tenure as a movie theater only.

Photo of The Ritz Theatre opening -

Maine Memory Network - Montagnard - 1985 -


 All newspaper clippings from the Sun Journal Microfilm Archive via Google News

New Ritz Theater Opens Photo Ads Lewiston Evening Journal Jan 30 1940 merged

Ritz Opening 1940

Montangnard Lewiston Evening Journal Jan 30 1940 merged


New Ritz Theater Opens Lewiston Evening Journal Jan 30 1940New Ritz Theater Opens Movie Ads Lewiston Evening Journal Jan 30 1940

Maine Memory Network Le Montagnard clubhouse Lewiston 1985 1