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The Public Theatre is a Professional Equity Theatre (SPT category 8). Each season, The Public Theatre conducts several auditions at the theatre in Maine, as well as in New York City.

2016-17 Auditions

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Under the Skin & Wrong for Each Other

posted 10/28/2016

We are now requesting pictures and resumes from actors who would like to be considered for roles in our upcoming production of Under the Skin by Michael Hollinger and Wrong for Each Other by Norm Foster.

Auditions will be held in NYC on Nov 14, 15 with callbacks on Nov 17. Auditions are by appointment only. See General Audition Information for submission instructions. All roles are salaried. 

Under the Skin Breakdown

Wrong for Each Other Breakdown 


General Audition Information

Audition appointments for specific roles will be held throughout the season in NYC and at the theatre. With the exception of the open EPA calls, auditions throughout the season are by appointment only, with readings from the script(s) we are casting.

As we use an in-house casting director, if you would like to be considered for any role in our season, we suggest sending us your picture and resume for our files. Prior to setting up our audition calls, we look through our files, submissions from breakdown services and the Equity hotline.

Our rehearsal schedule is generally 12 - 8pm Tues - Sun. The producers are open to non-traditional casting, minorities are encouraged to submit themselves for all projects.



INSTEAD, MAIL US A HARD COPY OF YOUR PICTURE AND RESUME, (or a note or postcard if you have previously auditioned for us), mentioning the role(s) you would like to be considered for to:

The Public Theatre
31 Maple Street
Lewiston, Maine 04240

The producers are open to non-traditional casting. Minorities are encouraged to audition and to send pictures/resumes.”

2016-17 Season Breakdown


UNDER THE SKIN – Michael Hollinger

Contract dates: January 9 thru February 5, 2017

LOU ZIEGLER - around 60. White. Raina’s father. A recovered alcoholic with a long list of amends yet to be made, including neglectful parenting, womanizing and falling short too many times.  He’s let a lot of people down including his estranged daughter, but he currently needs her kidney to save his life and must reconnect with her to get it. He doesn’t want to die. Charismatic, charming and anti-sentimental, with a wry sense of humor that yanks people’s chains, he’s hard to say no to. His directness, humor and gruffness hide a very complicated interior. His daughter’s forgiveness would mean a lot to him. He owns a carpentry/home restoration business that reveals him to be a very artistic and thoughtful craftsman.

RAINA LAMOTT - around 30. White. Lou’s daughter. A bright, feisty, determined yet vulnerable, single mother raising a 4 year old daughter, she is trying very hard to be the parent she wished she had. She has been disappointed too many times by her dad. She is striving to act like a mindful grownup, but her inner child is angry and resentful and having a hard time with forgiveness and determining if her father is “kidney worthy”. She has many of the personality traits of an adult child of an alcoholic. Uncomfortable with her vulnerability, she tends to over think things to avoid making the wrong decision. She ultimately wishes to be deeply seen by and connected to her dad.

JARRELL HAYES - late 20s. African-American. Marlene’s son. (This actor doubles as HECTOR.) Friendly, outgoing, charming, he is a Princeton graduate with an intelligent and wry sense of humor. Levelheaded and observant, he was raised by a very strong and centered mother, but he’s learned how to survive without a father. He is an artist attempting to launch his career. He doubles as Hector, a hospital nurse with a Dominican accent.

MARLENE HAYES - around 50. African-American. Jarrell’s mother. (This actress also doubles as DR. BADU and BARISTA.)Jarrell’s mother is a practical, grounded, deeply wise woman with a sense of humor and a big heart. She’s nobody’s fool. She has survived a very difficult past to become a remarkable person who has the ability to help others put their lives in perspective. Doubles as Dr. Badu (an intelligent and perceptive African doctor treating Lou – African dialect needed), and a passive aggressive coffee barista.



Contract dates: February 27 thru March 26, 2017

Casting note: the tone of this show is Mad About You meets Seinfeld. Both both actors need charm and comic chops. Think Sam and Diane from Cheers.

NORAH: mid/late 30s. An attractive woman from an upscale and educated family she is a successful manager of an arts center.  Playfully intelligent, she appears self-assured, and yet can't quite believe that happiness is meant for her.

RUDY:  mid/late30s, A very charismatic and likable blue collar type guy who runs a successful house painting business. Funny and smart, he hides his insecurities behind his humor and playful wit. Possessing an unshakable belief in love and romance, he is determined to win back the love of his life, and has just enough persistence and charm to do it. He wears his heart on his sleeve.


RIPCORD − David Lindsay-Abaire

Contract dates: April 17 thru May 14, 2017

ABBY BINDER: Age range 60s − 80s. A resident of Bristol Place Senior Living Facility, she has successfully resisted all attempts to share her double room.  Judgmental, short spoken, misanthropic and unsociable, she is a crisp, take-charge patrician woman with an acerbic wit. Nobody wants to be her roommate. Her snark and emotional remoteness is a defense against her pain of lifelong disappointment.

MARILYN DUNNE: Age range 60s− 80s.  Abbey’s new roommate, she is an optimist looking for the good in everyone.  She is infuriatingly chipper, impishly jovial, upbeat, endearing and trusting.  She also has an underbelly of anger and is surprisingly determined and resourceful.

SCOTTY, 20s− 30s.  A residential aide at the Assisted Living Facility, he is kind, friendly, empathic, patient, honest and direct, with a good sense of humor. He genuinely cares for his residents and is perceptive in a street smart way about their personalities.  In his free time, he is an aspiring actor.

BENJAMIN (Also plays LEWIS and CLOWN): Late 30’s-40s, Benjamin is Abby's son. He is a former addict who has let down a lot of people in his past, and he is genuinely hoping to make amends and introduce his child to his mother. He’s been in and out of rehab before, so she will not let him off the hook easily. LEWIS is Marilyn's son, an enthusiastic skydiving instructor. The CLOWN is a scary demon clown in a haunted house.

COLLEEN (Also plays WOMAN IN WHITE)  Late 30s− 40s. Colleen is Marilyn's daughter. A quirky comic type, she’s competitive, a bit kooky and she’s game for anything, especially if her mother asks and needs her.  She’s an open book. Very much her mother's daughter. Woman in White is a spooky haunted house character.

DEREK (Also plays ZOMBIE BUTLER) Late 30s−40s, Derek is Colleen's husband; a quirky comic type, he is friendly and chipper, but a bit more cautious and practical than his wife, but always on board to help his mother-in-law. Zombie Butler is the absurdly austere tour guide of the haunted house.

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