Professional Theatre For Maine

The Public Theatre's Capital Campaign will raise $2.4 million for interior and exterior renovations to our building, located at the corner of Maple and Lisbon Streets in downtown Lewiston.

Benefits to the Community

cap-bldg.jpgThese renovations are necessary to enhance the theatre experience for the audience, and improve the working conditions provided to the artists. These changes allow for larger casts and more elaborate scenery. Summer productions or other uses of the theatre will be possible with a new heating and ventilation system. The theatre will become a larger presence in the downtown area, creating new opportunities for businesses and restaurants to serve the theatre-going public.

This Capital Campaign is for the future of The Public Theatre, and also for the future of Lewiston/Auburn. It is for the people who believe in the Twin Cities and its surrounding areas, who wish to make it a better place to live, to work, and to raise our families.

A Letter From The Capital Campaign Committee

CASTING CALL for Capital Campaign - $1 Million to Go

For the past 16 years, our subscribers and donors have played a major role in The Public Theatre's success. It is because of your commitment, goodwill and continued generosity that The Public Theatre has grown to become one of the finest Equity theaters in Maine.

Over the last two years, The Public Theatre has completed a series of improvements as part of its $2.45 million dollar Capital Campaign. Recent renovations have included new restrooms, a renovated lobby and concession area, the expansion of the stage and improvements to the outside of the building. Upcoming renovations will include the creation of new scenery shops and dressing rooms, as well as an extensive renovation of the auditorium that will include new seats, better sightlines and a heating and air conditioning system that will vastly improve your comfort while enjoying the show. To accomplish all of this, we are asking our patrons and other members of the community to help us raise the final $1 million!

As a loyal supporter, we know you appreciate the theatre and its value to our community. The Public Theatre plays a key role in the revitalization of the Southern Gateway and the cultural life of Lewiston/Auburn. It is a jewel that the Lewiston/Auburn community can point to with pride. Now it's your turn to play a part in our most important production ever, the transformation of The Public Theatre.