Educators and Students love our workshops!

WE LOVED WORKING WITH YOU! I loved that it was related to creating a character in writing. I loved the 3 tips to make our imaginations soar, and I loved the games we played! It was so much fun. You got us up and moving and thinking in different ways. We’d love to work with you again. – Monhegan School, grades K, 5 & 7

Thank you for offering this for our students. I thought it was well done. Thanks for including all the students, not just those that raised their hands. The workshop really helped my students get out of their comfort zones, which helps them to be more creative. It also gave me a lot of good pointers for how to create creative characters when I teach writing and what to really focus on when building a character. – Rangeley Lakes Regional School, grade 4 & 5

My students loved this. They were becoming better writers without even realizing it. I’m signing up for the next session. – Fairview Elementary, grade 5

I am so grateful for the opportunity to do this with you. This truly adds so nicely to the reading AND writing unit we have been working in! The activities were engaging and interactive. Students had to push their thinking in order to come up with more specific and detailed descriptions which is something we are always working on in class. The workshops encourage students to engage in a way that meets our speaking/listening standards AND engages in content that ties in directly to some of the standards we have to teach. Thank you for how you got students to be involved. Two girls who happened to be arranged to go first in the activities, were two of my girls who struggle to put themselves out there. I was SO thrilled that they followed the lead that was given to them, and they just did it. Clearly, you had engaged them in a non-threatening way with the support to push them. It’s those little things that just make my day! – McMahon Elementary School, grade 6

I would love to do this again. The students still talk about the activities that we did. I will make sure to promote you to other teachers. – Dyer Elementary School, grade 5

The words the students used to describe the workshop were “fun, interesting, goofy.” The silliness, once they let themselves get there, was what they liked the most. Yet they could later connect the silly actions to our discussions about character development during our reading and writing lessons. Having the workshop as a reference came in handy, especially for my struggling writers. Thank you so much for a great workshop. – Manchester Elementary School, grade 5

The workshop was engaging and fun, my students loved it. The dynamic activities moved their bodies and helped stretch students out of their comfort zone and avoid feeling self-conscious. This was such a great session and I’m grateful we had the opportunity to do it! – McMahon Elementary School, grades 1 & 3

The activities were fun and engaging for the students. It really made my students think about developing a character in a story. Thank you! – Woodstock Elementary School, grade 5

Thank you so much for working with us and visiting in person! It was nice to see kids excited, having fun, and making memories! Both days were exciting and an opportunity for kids to get out of their seats and be creative.McMahon Elementary School, grade 4