Annual Silent Auction Fundraiser

Here is just a sampling of the great things you’ll find in the ONLINE Auction.

Online Auction

Visit our Online Auction to bid on over 160 items:  2022 Summer Online Auction

Items flagged ONLINE ONLY – are not on display at The Public Theatre.  Bids may be placed online, or you may contact us as described below to place an “Absentee” bid.


“LIVE” In-Person Silent Auction

In addition to over 160 items in our 2022 Summer Online Auction you can also view items that are on display in the lobby during the run of Be Here Now, June 17-26.

When items are flagged LIVE EVENT ONLY –  You may not place bids online for these items.  You may follow the “Absentee” bidding instructions below.

BIDDING ON LIVE EVENT ONLY ITEMS CLOSES at 4:30 pm on Sunday.  All Absentee Bids must be submitted by then.

When items are not flagged at all Bids may be placed online or in-person, or through an “ABSENTEE” bid.

We are monitoring and updating these items for the high-bids placed by any method. An online bid placed by “Public Theatre” indicates the recording of an in-person or absentee bid so online bidders are notified of the new high bid.  **If you bid on an item in-person or through “ABSENTEE”, it is your responsibility to check on your bids. See details below.


If you would like to place an “ABSENTEE” bid, you may call 782-2211 or Email an Auction Bid with SUBJECT: Auction Bid Item #[000] and your bid. You may also visit The Public Theatre during the hours found below.

You may submit either a PROXY BID or an EXACT BID

  • A PROXY BID is the MAXIMUM amount you’re willing to spend with the goal of winning the item at the lowest possible price. We will ensure that you are the high-bidder until your PROXY BID amount is outbid.
  • An EXACT BID is the amount you want to bid right now. Your bid amount will not change as additional bids are received for the item.

**Beyond fulfilling PROXY BIDS, we are not able to monitor all the LIVE ITEMS for bidding changes, including checking to see if your PROXY BID has been outbid. It is your responsibility to check on your bid status.

If you are not attending the show, you may visit The Public Theatre during the following hours to view the items and bid:

  • June 14-24: Tues-Fri 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
  • Saturday, June 18, 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Masks are required in the building.

Ways to Support the Silent Auction

Volunteer for the Silent Auction Committee

We’re looking for a group of creative individuals to be on this year’s Silent Auction committee.

If you’ve ever thought about volunteering but didn’t want to make a huge commitment of time, this is a great way to start.

This project has a specific goal with an end date and a creative element that enables you to work with others, make new friends, and the flexibility to work on your own time schedule.

The time commitment of an auction volunteer includes SOME or all of the following tasks:

  • We will give you a specific list of past auction donors we have sent renewal letters to and ask you to call them on your own time, confirming and arranging how we get their item.
  • We invite you to creatively brainstorm and pursue exciting new items to add to the auction. What would YOU like to bid on? Chances are, someone else would, too!
    • Have you created something or have a service you’d like to donate?
    • Do you know an artist who wants get their work seen by 2,000 people?
    • Eaten in a new restaurant our audience should know about?
  • Help us pick up items that are in your neighborhood.

The sooner we get our committee together, the sooner we can get started.  Get in touch with us today!

To volunteer or if you need more information, please call 782-2211 or Email Your Questions

Donate to the Silent Auction

JUNE 10-26 The Public Theatre will present an ONLINE Silent Auction and we are inviting you to be a part of it!

This year we hope to be able to feature a selection of items in the lobby during the run of Be Here Now, June 17-26, as well.  But patrons loved the convenience of our past Online Auctions and bidding will start on June 10th.

Our auction is a celebration of Maine products, businesses, and craftspeople.

The Public Theatre will always give you the best value in professional theatre. Help support Maine in two great ways; supporting a local Arts organization, and promoting Maine’s diverse range of goods. You can help us make this the most successful Auction ever by joining the many local businesses who support us with donations for this event.

Can we count on your support?
You may mail us your donation, or “pledge” a donation to be picked up at a convenient date.
Should you have any questions about your donation, do not hesitate to call us at 782-2211.

Download Silent Auction Donation Forms

Any donation is greatly appreciated!

If you need more information, please call 782-2211 or Email Your Questions

Everybody benefits from The Public Theatre’s Silent Auction:

  • Your business will get valuable exposure to almost 2,000 theatre patrons who will attend the show and view the Auction. Donations can introduce customers to your business, as well as bring them directly to your door, when they purchase your item or Gift Certificate. Our bid sheets display your business name, location, web address and phone number. We are also happy to display your business cards and/or brochures alongside your donation during the Auction.
  • Patrons get fabulous deals on great merchandise and Gift Certificates from local businesses, while feeling good about supporting The Public Theatre.
  • Everyone gets great theatre at an affordable price. With probably the lowest ticket prices for Professional Theatre in the entire country, you can see high quality theatre right in your own backyard and without breaking the bank.

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